Our Taboo Host - Karla Marx! 

Karla Marx, the First Comrade of Your Heart, puts the Mao in LMAO! She has the eye of the tiger and the mouth of a teamster! Karla is the mother of the Marx Werk Ware Haus, and you can catch her emcee and perform with Cabaret Calgary, Haus of Trash, Fake Mustache  Drag King and Queen Troupe, and Shock Therapy Drag, as well as stages across western  Canada. She recently performed at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival.


Circus Acts Insomniacs is a dynamic performance troupe offering a visceral experience through empowering dance, awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics and powerful fire choreography.  The relationship between music and movement influences their unique storytelling into universal means of communication.

Friday    Entertainment
 6:00 PM   Welcome to Taboo with Karla Marx
 7:00 PM   Brent Ray Fraser: The World Famous Penis Painter
 8:00 PM   Femme Flux: In Vogue
 8:30 PM   The Burlesque Boudoir
 9:30 PM   Circus Acts Insomniacs
 10:00 PM   Miss BumBum North America Contest: Calgary Semi-Finals
 11:00 PM   Body Heat


Having mastered his provocative speed penis painting skills over a decade, painter and adult performance artist, Brent Ray Fraser, presents a truly unique and intimate live art experience bringing his world-famous brush to The Everything To Do About Sex Show! Feel the fun, creative energy as Fraser applies paint to his naked body and strokes the canvas in a highly physical painting performance like no other—all set to a soundtrack of his favorite tunes.


Body Art Motion (aka BAM) is a local community exploring fusion bellydance, yoga and performance arts. Directed by Tanya Lee, the BAM professional troupe offers unique performances that bring “art” to entertainment locally and internationally. 2022 will be their 5th year performing at Taboo, and they are planning a special custom show that is sure to invoke the sacred temple priestess within! Check out their show on both Saturday and Sunday. And make sure you stop by the Body Art Motion booth to enter to win dance classes with Tanya Lee!

Saturday    Entertainment
 2:00 PM   Welcome to Taboo with Karla Marx
 3:00 PM   Body Heat
 4:00 PM   Pole Junkies
 5:00 PM   Black Magic Woman by Body Art Motion
 6:00 PM   Brent Ray Fraser: The World Famous Penis Painter
 7:00 PM   The Burlesque Boudoir
 8:00 PM   Femme Flux: In Vogue
 8:30 PM   Body Heat
 9:00 PM   Circus Acts Insomniacs
 10:00 PM   Miss BumBum North America Contest: Calgary Finals
 11:00 PM   Brent Ray Fraser: The World Famous Penis Painter


The Burlesque Boudoir: Drama happens on and offstage... Step inside The Burlesque Boudoir to witness the thrilling lives of showgirls behind the curtain. The Boudoir is where we unwind, stripping away the layers of one fantasy to transform into another. This theatrical burlesque spectacle will have your heart racing as these sultry sirens strut their stuff on the Taboo stage!


Canada’s hottest exotic male entertainers – the men of Body Heat are based in Edmonton, Alberta. They travel across Canada to put on the ultimate Ladies’ Night show. Our performance is deemed the best male revue show in Canada. Body Heat brings down the house with elaborate costumes, skits, choreographed dance, and solo stripping performances. The men showcase an impressive display with their experience as dancers and acrobats. Let us make your night an unforgettable one. 

Sunday    Entertainment
 1:00 PM   Welcome to Taboo with Karla Marx
 2:00 PM   Pole Junkies
 3:00 PM   Body Heat
 4:00 PM   Black Magic Woman by Body Art Motion
 5:00 PM   Brent Ray Fraser: The World Famous Penis Painter



Looking for the best bottom in North America.
Friday at 10 pm, Main Stage
Saturday at 10 pm, Main stage 
The winner will win $500 cash and a huge taboo prize package 
Sign up at the miss bum bum booth or online at  missbumbumworldwide20@gmail.com
Do you have the best bottom in Calgary? 

See you at the show!


Femme Flux’s goal is to create safer and inclusive spaces of self-expression and celebration within Alberta’s diverse artistic community. Femme Flux: In Vogue will be hitting the stage this year, and it’s guaranteed to dazzle and delight all your senses.



 Dubbed "Calgary’s first lady of Breaks,” Krista Thibodeau, a.k.a. Molly Fi has spent the better part of two decades breaking down the walls for fellow women and non-binary DJs and performers.

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