Our Taboo Host - Karla Marx! 

Karla Marx, the First Comrade of Your Heart, puts the Mao in LMAO! She has the eye of the  tiger and the mouth of a teamster! Karla is the mother of the Marx Werk Ware Haus, and you can catch her emcee and perform with Cabaret Calgary, Haus of Trash, Fake Mustache  Drag King and Queen Troupe, and Shock Therapy Drag, as well as stages across western  Canada. She recently performed at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival.

6:30pm Welcome to Taboo with Karla Marx 
7:00pm Seminar: Sexual Health and The Importance of Foreplay presented Pure Romance 
8:00pm Seminar: Rope Bondage 101 presented by ASPECC 
9:00pm Femme Flux Presents: Evoke Fashion Show 
10:00pm Cabaret Calgary 
10:30pm  Zephyrm 
4:30pm  Welcome to Taboo with Karla Marx 
5:00pm  The Jock Strips 
6:00pm  Femme Flux Presents: Evoke Fashion Show 
7:00pm Live Painting with Cass Bratt
9:00pm Amatuer Striptease Competition 
10:00pm Femme Flux Presents: Evoke Fashion Show 
10:30pm DJ Mollyfi 
2:00pm Seminar: Rope Bondage 101 presented by ASPECC 
3:00pm Seminar: Sexual Health and The Importance of Foreplay presented Pure Romance 


Femme Flux Presents: Evoke Fashion Show

Creating inclusive spaces for self-expression & celebration within Alberta's diverse artistic communities.


Calgary's all-masc burlesque troupe featuring hunks, studs and teddy bears. 

CTAB21_Entertainment_Zeph.pngWorld Grooves / Tribal House / Global Bass 

From the deep sexy rhythms of mother earth to the modern sounds of global bass culture, Zephrym's musical creativity has been captivating ear drums and warmign souls. 



CTAB21_Entertainment_BAM.pngBody Art Motion founder, Tanya Lee offers dance classes, workshops, and private lessons in-person and online. Visit www.bodyartmotion.com 

Receive 15% off your first classe seesion with code #Tabooyyc2021


Saturday Night! 9:00 PM at the Main stage.

Enter to win a HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE from the incredible vendors of this year's Taboo Show!

How to win? Sign up using this submission form: https://forms.gle/ws34KuZNT5CpQeXm7

Show up ready to perform your sultriest, silliest, steamiest, most seductive striptease to a crowd of roaring fans!

Upon arrival, you will be given a great song to groove to one hour (8:00 PM) before the show but no later than 8:45 PM. We do not take requests! Songs will be upbeat, popular songs that are at least familiar to most folx.

Ask for Bitch Sassidy or Jewels at the Main Stage.

You may strip as much or as little as you like - consent is sexy - bottoms (underwear) must be kept on. Exposing your genitals will have you disqualified and removed from the convention.

You provide your OWN costume and props. Amateurs and the sexy-curious only!

This competition will be cap at 12 performers maximum! However, should anyone drop out or not show up to the stage by 8:45 PM, we will re-open their spot to another interested person.

Presented by Cabaret Calgary Productions

Operates under a Code of Conduct: https://www.cabaretcalgary.com/code-of-conduct



Come in, sit down, and lean closer to see what can only be shared in the most intimate setting. The Peep Show is back, filthier than ever. Inspired by 70s smut and live peepshows, we have a stunning lineup of babes doing undeniably sexy shows behind the curtain. Find us to experience a show made for your eyes only...

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