Tim is a certified sex educator with the American College of Sexologists International and pleasure advocate based in Toronto, Canada. He began his sexual journey through escorting, where he worked with a number of clients from different backgrounds and all walks of life, ranging from couples, individuals, poly relationships, and everything in between. He then went to study and received an advanced diploma in Business Management specializing in the music industry and graduated with honours. Combining his knowledge of sex and business, he decided to combine the two fields to start his journey as a sex educator. In his free time, Tim likes to volunteer and give back to the community through outreach in Toronto’s LGBTQ+ scene providing sex education and harm reduction resources to the public. It is his mission in life to make sex fun and funny as he loves to make people laugh and believes in the curative powers of laughter. Sex is already a sensitive and touchy subject. We might as well laugh at the fart noises! 



SATURDAY                           Seminar

2:45 PM       What? I need more than one vibrator? with Katleen Gander
3:45 PM BDSM 101 with Ms Morgan Thorne
4:45 PM Sex Ed with Tim: Foul Mouth: Communication and Dirty Talk
5:45 PM Your First Visit To A Sex Club -presented by Fatima Mechtab and Judy Kaye
6:45 PM What? I need more than one vibrator? with Katleen Gander
7:45 PM Sex Ed with Tim: Penis Power: Pleasing Just the Tip
8:45 PM Sensual Spanking with Ms Morgan Thorne
9:45 PM Intro to Kink with Share with Rae

Rae_Szereszewski.JPG Rae Szereszewski and Marisa Swinton are sex   educators specializing in sexual health, wellness,          and exploration.  They educate on sexual                  empowerment through consent, pleasure and kink, consensual non-monogamy, and sexual health topics   like STIs and contraception. Marisa is on a mission to educate and empower women. With a degree in Anthropology, she pulls from different aspects of the human experience – the biological, cultural, material, historical, and psychological.  As a certified sex   educator and sexuality coach with eight years of experience working at a swingers club, Rae focuses primarily on helping men improve their relationships  and destigmatizing alternative sexual lifestyles. 



SUNDAY                               Seminar

1:45 PM BDSM 101 with Ms Morgan Thorne
2:45 PM Sex Ed with Tim: Foul Mouth: Communication and Dirty Talk
3:45 PM Your First Visit to A Sex Club - Presented by Fatima Mechtab and Judy Kaye
4:45 PM What? I need more than one vibrator? with Katleen Gander



Ms Morgan Thorne has been a lifestyle dominant for more than 20 years and a Professional Dominatrix for 10 years. She uses her experiences as a former health care worker to inform her teaching with a strong emphasis on safety. She hosts a popular BDSM-themed Youtube channel, volunteers in her local community as a DM & event organizer, and is a kink educator who teaches across North America. Morgan is a published author of BDSM educational books, including Exploring BDSM and A Guide to Classic Discipline. Morgan is disabled, asexual and panromantic (or more generally, queer), which informs her teaching style. She always strives to be inclusive of all identities and orientations during her teaching.



Kathleen Gander has been a Sexual Wellness Educator for over eight years and has helped many women overcome their sexual inhibitions and become more confident with their intimacy. . Kathleen"s focus is to empower all genders to discover their true selves, including their sexuality.. As a Sexual Discovery Coach, she can assist you too in enhancing your sexual self to the levels you desire. As an avid learner, Kathleen draws on many resources to continue her personal growth on all things sexiness.


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