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6:45 PM How to Have a Threesome with Luna Matatas
7:45 PM LoveStoned with Carlen Costa
8:45 PM Your First Visit To A Sex Club presented by Fatima Mechtab and Judy Kaye
9:45 PM Sensual Spanking with Morgan Thorne
10:45 PM How to get the sex YOU want with ASPECC


Carlen Costa

Carlen Costa is The Everyday Goddess, a Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Author. She empowers people to embody an unapologetically passionate lifestyle in intimacy, sexuality, sensuality, self-worth, body-image and, relationships. Carlen encourages us to become sassy, sexy and switched on, through a holistic approach in her private practice available to individuals online, speaking nation-wide about sexuality and cannabis for women, as well as in her growing women's only Facebook group, The Everyday Goddess Gang and, with her apparel brand, The Everyday Goddess. Carlen is also the founder of The Goddess Foundation, which seeks to fund initiatives by women, for women, across Canada. A portion of every sale of The Goddess Collection for The Everyday Goddess brand is contributed to The Goddess Foundation. 


2:45 PM LoveStoned with Carlen Costa
3:45 PM Sensual Spanking with Morgan Thorne
4:45 PM Clitoral Stimulation: A Girls True Best Friend with Acsexorise
5:45 PM How to Have a Threesome with Luna Matatas
6:45 PM We Love Dating (And Other Lies) with Somebody Date Us
7:45 PM Talk About Sex with Carlen Costa
8:45 PM BDSM Basics with Morgan Thorne
9:45 PM Your First Visit To A Sex Club presented by Fatima Mechtab and Judy Kaye
10:45 PM How to get the sex YOU want with ASPECC



1:45 PM LoveStoned with Carlen Costa
2:45 PM Your First Visit To A Sex Club presented by Fatima Mechtab and Judy Kaye
3:45 PM Delicious Dominance Skills with Luna Matatas
4:45 PM We Love Dating (And Other Lies) with Somebody Date Us


Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator based out of Toronto Canada. Luna packs over 10 years of experience in sexual health and wellness internationally and locally. She has worked with farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa, LGBT youth in Canada and couples seeking threesomes all over North America. Her playful approach to sexuality draws on the creativity, confidence and communication skills we all need to fulfill our pleasure potentials. 

Luna loves teaching small and large groups of sexually curious humans, and her private Pleasure Coaching practice attracts couples and singles looking for one-on-one support for pursuing more pleasure in their casual and long-term relationships. Her approach to sexuality education is trauma and equity informed, and prioritizes safe and accessible spaces for people to navigate barriers to confidence and pleasure. Whether you're struggling with body confidence, performance anxiety or shame around your kinky desires - Luna has you covered with strategies and empathy skills to support your sexy journey.  Her blog and YouTube channel are a few of the places you can find her lively and practical advice. 

From teaching in sex shops to sex clubs to partnering with sex positive healers, Luna facilitates opportunities to tap into our erotic energy. Her desire to sparkle up sex lives doesn't end at sex education...her skills as a crafting goddess can be found in her Etsy Shop, full of handmade nipple pasties, Peg the Patriarchy shirts and Fuck Like a Goddess panties. 


Morgan Thorne has been practising BDSM all of her adult life. She got an introduction to kink through the Queer community in the early 1990s and knew she had found ‘her people’.

Morgan has also spent nearly a decade working as a Professional Dominant, which has allowed her to expand her skills as both a Top and a Dominant. Morgan has been offering workshops, lectures and BDSM training for a number of years as well. She has a successful Youtube channel where she educates about D/s relationships, BDSM basics and various kinky skills.

Prior to her work as a Professional Dominant, Morgan worked in health care. This has allowed her to gain a more thorough understanding of health and safety concerns in kink. She retired due to an injury that lead to chronic pain and disability. It also lead to her interest in medical play, a way to continue to use the skills she learned in health care and to find comfort in the loss of a much-loved career.

Morgan has been active in various forms of activism, including LGBTQIA rights and sex worker rights. She is a strong advocate for equality and the human rights of all people.

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