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Melody Anne is a sexuality educator, workshop facilitator, sex researcher, and BDSM enthusiast. A shameless sex geek, she holds a degree in psychology and sexuality studies, is a graduate of Options for Sexual Health’s Sexual Health Educator Certification program, and has over 15 years of real-world experience in the kink community under her belt. Melody Anne has shared her sexpertise on kink, pleasure, and health at venues across North America, teaching electrifying workshops with unforgettable live demos.


6:45 PM  Consent for Sex & Kink with ASPECC
7:45 PM  Pervertables 101 with Scott and Sara
8:45 PM  KINKOLOGY! The Psychology of BDSM with Melody Anne
9:45 PM  Rope 101 with ASPECC



Sara Blaze is the past President of MVK Alternative Lifestyle Society (“MVK”), BC’s largest BDSM not for profit organization which, until its closure in 2021, focused on promoting outreach and education and produced over 120 events every year. Sara served as MVK’s President for six year and sat on its board of directors for 10 years.

Scott Knight is one of the founders of Indigeo Volo, a not for profit organization located in Victoria, BC and sat on its board of directors for five years. He is passionate about facilitating positive first experiences for newcomers and post-covid has commenced co-hosting the monthly Newbie Munch with Sara.

Through Encrypted Events, Sara and Scott produce a variety of events including Inner Sanctum, Glitch and Empower. For more information about Encrypted Events, please visit www.encryptedevents.com


Angel is a passionate sex educator and sex coach with ASPECC, currently working on a masters degree in counseling psychology. Angel is queer & Neurodivergent. Check them out on www.aspecc.ca


1:45 PM  Strap on Play for Newbies with ASPECC
2:45 PM  Secrets to Squirting with Melody Anne
3:45 PM  Smack! Impact 101 with RedRobin
4:45 PM  Rope for the Bedroom with Wyld
5:45 PM  Demystifying the Toy Box with Kat & Flick
6:45 PM  Alternatives to Monogamy with RedRobin
7:45 PM  Etiquette for Group Sex with ASPECC
8:45 PM  Smack! Impact 101 with RedRobin
9:45 PM  BDSM 101 with Sara Blaze
10:45 PM  Rope for the Bedroom with Wyld


Robin aspires to help normalize sexuality through education, coaching, consulting, and community involvement. Her unique background and experience include her former work as a Stripper, Pro Domme, Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink, and Nurse (cardiology, psychology, and sexual health). Host of Sex with Robin SPLIT Radio                 

KF Handle: Redrobin 

Social Media: @sexwithrobin



Kat Stark and Flick Morrison of the On The WetCoast podcast love toys, have a huge collection, and use them all the time in their solo play and with their partners. They will use their extensive knowledge and personal toy chest to walk you through the basic toy types (vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, clitoral suction devices, harnesses, and accessories) and present tips on how to pick the toys that will work the best for you. They'll also talk about toy safety--how to avoid toxic materials and what things are safe to insert where.


1:45 PM  Rope 101 with ASPECC
2:45 PM  Pervertables 101 with Scott and Sara
3:45 PM  Rope for the Bedroom with Wyld
4:45 PM  Secrets to Squirting with Melody Anne


Ainsley, or Wyld works too, is an educator and organizer from Toronto, now living in Kelowna, who started their kink adventures in Ottawa. Ainsley is a genderfluid lifestyle submissive, that is a mix of one part disarming innocences and one part misleading kindness.

Ainsley is a whole hearted submissive that does enjoy putting her favourite bossy skirt and heels on the right occasion. It is during these moments she is commonly misconstrued as a switch, however this is not the case as they will never abandon their team lowercase ’s’ jersey. When it comes to her favourite kinks, she is always up for chatting about D/s dynamics, high protocol, humiliation & degradation and rope to name a few.

Currently you can find them volunteering and helping out with local events, organizing the OK rope social and spending a night handing out “fun-ishments” as a member of the wheel of sin team. Ainsley is currently getting ready to be a presenter at Kinkfest in Portland come April.

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